Where the Hell is Poeville?

In the 1870’s prospectors looking for Reno’s own Comstock Lode, established a mining camp high on the eastern flank of Peavine Mountain.

Established by John Poe in 1872, the camp was known as Poeville, or as the irreverant would have it – Poedunk. By 1876 over three hundred residents (Poedunks?), two hotels, numerous salons, and a post office were established.

The Poe, Paymaster and Golden Fleece mines soon produced bars of silver bullion. But the boom soon went bust, and by 1880 literally only a few remained.

Today we are looking for 21st century Poedunks to mine Peavine’s singletrack! Join us as we work our way to Poedunk and beyond.

The Poedunks are an IMBA affiliated trail club. Our focus is building, maintaining and riding sustainable singletrack mountain bike trails on Peavine Mountain in partnership with Washoe County Parks, The US Forest service, the City of Reno and other Peavine user groups.

We usually meet every Thursday to do some trail work, or to go for a ride and talk about trails. Please check the blog for updates and come out and join us. We’re going to need your help!

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