The “Halo”

peavine panorama

The “Halo” Trail Backgorund:
The Halo Trail is the only new single-track trail included in Peavine Travel Management Environmental Assesment, June 2006. Contouring the southeast side of Peavine Mountain for approximately 4.6 miles, the Halo Trail will provide the only non-motorized connection from the West Keystone and Kings Row trailheads to the existing single-track trails extending from Keystone and Evans Canyon non-motorized areas. Designed to create many loop opportunities with the existing single-track trails The Halo Trail will also be the backbone for the development of a non-motorized trails system as discussed in the Peavine Mountain Roads and recreation Strategy and The Peavine Mountain Travel Plan.

In July of 2005 I.M.B.A. members Dale Beesmer and Randy Meyer flagged and provided GPS coordinates of the Halo Trail Corridor for inclusion in the Peavine Travel Management Environmental Assesment. The Halo Trail was included in the EA as part of the 22 miles of existing and new non-motorized single-track trails added to the non-motorized trail system.

The Poedunks an IMBA affiliated club, propose to begin construction of The Halo Trail beginning Spring 2008. Construction will be performed by volunteer labor organized by The Poedunks. Construction will follow The criteria established in The U.S.F.S. publication Standard Specifications For Trail Construction and Maintenance EM-7720-103. As an I.M.B.A. affiliate club we can work under The Service-Wide Memorandum of Understanding 06-SU-11132424-076 between The United States Dept. of Agriculture Forest Service and The International Mountain Bicycling Association.

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