The work on the “N Trail” is a trail maintenance project organized by the Poedunks, an IMBA affiliated club.

These trail improvements are being done with the permission from the Washoe County Parks Department.

Eric O tests the first berm

Utilizing design and construction methods endorsed by the IMBA, PTBA and USFS the primary goals for the N Trail Project are:

* Incorporate the existing trail into Rancho San Rafaels trail system 
* Increase Sustainability
* Provide Challenge
* Reduced user conflicts

Sustainability and challenge will be achieved by improving the existing alignment by: avoiding the fall-line, out-sloping the trail tread, incorporating grade reversals, constructing in-sloped (bermed) turns, and rock armoring techniques. Conflict will be reduced by maintaining long sightlines and controlling speeds at trail intersections.

The Poedunks mission is to maintain and enhance Peavines non-motorized trail network by volunteering to do trail maintenance, trail building and mountain clean ups by working with the U.S. Forest Service, Washoe County Parks, the City of Reno, and other Peavine user groups.


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