HOW DO YOU LIKE the new Evans to Keystone connector trail? 

Send our parks directors and park planner an email of support if you think it is a good addition to our trail system.

Send an email to:
Doug Doolittle – Washoe County Parks Director: ddoolittle@washoecounty.us
Al Rogers – Washoe County Parks Assistant Director: arogers@washoecounty.us
Carolyn Poissant – Washoe County Parks Planner / Keystone Trail Project Head : CPoissant@washoecounty.us


Reno Open Space and Greenways Plan

If you support the City of Reno’s Plan to acquire more open space, contruct new trails and paths, and to put money into the maintence of them, voice your support by:


1) letting the Mayor know
2) letting the City Council know
3) letting your local Neighbor Advisory Board (NAB) know
4) and by attending this meeting below or sending an email beforehand to:

the September 26th, 2007 City of Reno Council meeting.

The September 26th agenda will be posted on September 19th.

Please go to www.cityofreno.com, Events Calendar, for this item’s order in the agenda.

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