Peavine Double Header

The Poedunks and dhreno scored big today pulling off a double header on The “N” Trail and Seeding The RSF Keystone Connector Trail.

pdunk-reseeding 048

Jim hauls a heavy load!

Thanks to Jim, Alex, Chris, Roger, Dale, Randy Jeff from the TMTA and Carolyn from Washoe County Parks for a job well done on the connector trail. Today was just icing on the cake for what has already been a really successful project. A native seed mix was spread over the area disturbed by the construction of the new trail, hopefully winter snows will blanket the trail and this spring we will have a nice ribbon of native vegetation meandering through our cheatgrass covered hillside! We also laid several rolls of Jute Netting which will hopefully erase some of the unwanted roads in The Keystone area. We also powered out a couple 2′ deep post holes for a nice bench overlooking the Truckee Meadows.

pdunk-reseeding 042

Chris working on erasing a road. Warning do not try to smoke the Jute Net.

pdunk-reseeding 017

Dale staging the seed

pdunk-reseeding 019

The crew Jim, Jeff, Roger, Chris and Alex

pdunk-reseeding 034

The site of the new bench.


6 Responses

  1. […] Even though it was freezing a$$ cold and windy we had a record turnout to work on the N Trail this Saturday!  We’re working our way down the mountain at an amazing rate and the trail looks fantastic. Huge thanks to all the volunteers who came out and kicked butt with shovels and picks!  At the same time Poedunks Randy, Dale and other volunteers were working on reseeding the Rancho/Keystone connector trail – check out Poedunk Double Header. […]

  2. Good work guys! Sorry for slacking…


  3. […] Also: check out all the new trail work being done over on Peavine!!! […]

  4. I’ll be in town soon to help out too.
    Going to be working seven days a week for a few months, but if I can help just let me know when and where.

  5. Ian good to have ya. we will be very busy this spring just bookmark us and check in to keep up on the action-randy

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