Post Turkey Trail Days

If you eat a little too much on turkey day – burn it off this weekend on these trail days below.


Two down – many more to go! Thanks to Eric and Curtis Opperman, Jed Colvin, Steve Cleek, Randy Meyer, Lee Turner and Dale Beesmer for the last two Saturdays of flagging, staging, and berm building.



We have started to work on the N-Trail at RSF, building some nice burly berms. More berms planned for this coming Saturday. Also on Sunday we have one last chance to naturalize and disperse the downslope before the seeding day on December 1st. Even if you can only get out for an hour that would really help!


*N-TRAIL WORK – Saturday November 24

9:00 am to noon

meet at the Evans Canyon/Basque Monument/softball field TH parking lot



*KEYSTONE CANYON – Sunday November 25

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm (or anytime in between!)

meet at Keystone Canyon TH Parking Lot

switchback down slope work


*UPCOMING- Saturday December 1

9 am to noon

meet at Keystone Canyon TH

Final connector trail work day – easy seeding/raking and road jute netting

Post work food & drink get together


*Tools provided. Bring water, personal items, dress in layers. Precipitation will cancel, but weather determination to be made at time and place of scheduled start.


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