Last RSF Connector Trail Day – Saturday December 1st

Keystone-Evan's trail

The last work day on the RSF connector trail will be this
Saturday December 1 – 9:00 am to noon
Meet at The East Keystone Canyon Trailhead
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More Berms!

Thanks to the dhreno crew Steve, Eric, Curtis, Scott, Paul, Dave and sons for another big day moving heavy rocks and dirt.

The N Trail project is really beginning to take shape we will be working every weekend until the snow flies. We built another berm and a rock feature. For all those who have been missing the fun here’s a peek at the goods…stay tuned for next weekends schedule Next Saturday A.M. we will be re seeding the Evans – Keystone connector -Randy


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Post Turkey Trail Days

If you eat a little too much on turkey day – burn it off this weekend on these trail days below.


Two down – many more to go! Thanks to Eric and Curtis Opperman, Jed Colvin, Steve Cleek, Randy Meyer, Lee Turner and Dale Beesmer for the last two Saturdays of flagging, staging, and berm building.

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November / December Trails Days

We finally have the ok to work on the N Trail at Rancho San Rafael. We will be doing “trail maintenance” and improving the existing alignment by applying current trail building construction standards.

We will also be seeding the RSF connector trail from Keystone to Evans Canyon on December 1. On the Sundays prior to we will do some more down slope dispersing so the seeding will be more successful. Continue reading