David Bobzien Democratic Work Day

Saturday OCtober 27 – 9:00 am to noon
at East Keystone Canyon TH

There is one more trail day scheduled for RSF connector trail on Saturday October 27 (9 am-noon). If you would like to help again or be a crew leader please let me know. This work day is a volunteer day for assemblymen David Bobzien’s Democratic group. They will be providing the people power, just need a few experienced hands to help in giving direction.

Lastly, please send our parks directors and park planner an email of support if you have not done so yet. Let them know how you like the new trail at RSF and how you appreciate the county expanding the trail system.

Doug Doolittle – Washoe County Parks Director: ddoolittle@washoecounty.us
Al Rogers – Washoe County Parks Assistant Director: arogers@washoecounty.us
Carolyn Poissant – Washoe County Parks Planner / Keystone Trail Project Head :

Thanks to the follow up/finish workers on:

October 11
Quinn McLaughlin
Randy Meyer
Michael Henderson
Dale Beesmer

October 14
Jim Crompton
Matt Larsen
Conner Richard
Dale Beesmer

October 17
Randy Meyer
Michael Henderson
Steve Cleek
Dale Beesmer


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