Great Trail Work Thanks to You

We had a good turn out last Saturday and Sunday to help do the finish work on the recently cut Rancho to Keystone Connector Trail.

Keystone-Evan's trailI am going off the top of my head and will update this list when we can a get a copy of the sign in sheet, but many thanks to those who helped below:

To our crew leaders;
Randy Meyer
Steve Cleek
Michael Henderson (2 days)
Kristi Andresen (2 days)
Jim Crompton

Two Day helpers:
Jason Susslin
Paul Girard
Mathew Larsen
Quinn MacLaughlin
Neil Crowley

Saturday Helpers:
John Mortensen
Kenny Burt
Gwen Hughes
Sierra Hughes
Teresa Torres
Carole Maupin
LaVerne Delarosa
Christian Delorosa
Shawn Scott
Dokato Scott
Patti Judge
Imelda Jones

Keystone-Evan's trail
Sunday helpers:
Dustin CLifford
Donna CLifford
Gregory Rabina
Mary Liz Magee
Joel Childers
Wayne Mackey
Darren Young
Bernie LaMere
Max Haltom
Nicole Anderson
Eric Luzier
Tina Nappe
Jude Mayne
Regina Crowley
Chase Crowley
Ben Crowley
Jan Miraniek
Nick Metcalf

Lastly, please send our parks directors and park planner an email of support if you have not done so yet.
Doug Doolittle – Washoe County Parks Director: Al Rogers – Washoe County Parks Assistant Director:

Carolyn Poissant – Washoe County Parks Planner / Keystone Trail Project Head :

Thanks again and check out the photo pool below for some of the weekends work .

– Dale Beesmer


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