Support the Reno Open Space & Greenways Plan

This Wednesday September 26, city staff will present to the Reno City Council, a request to *appropriate $150k for open space and trail acquisition and $50k for data gathering and planning for the 2008 Reno Open Space & Greenways Plan budget.

If you like the prospect of more open space, trails, greenways and bike lanes in Reno – send or voice your support to your local representative and city council members.

Just a simple one or two sentence statement such as….” I / we support the City of Reno and it’s staff in its efforts to fund and implement the Reno Open & Greenways Plan as recommended in the staff report”, or “we believe trails and open space are important to fund because…” , and/or “we support your efforts as mayor, councilperson”, etc., “in supporting the Reno
Open Space and Greenways Plan” will really help.

They usually they only here from their constituents when things are “not good”, here is a chance to give them some support and to urge them to continue forward in implementing and funding the Reno OSGP.
You can send an email prior to the meeting or voice your support in person at the council meeting this week on Wednesday Spetember 26.

Council meetings take place in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 1 E. First Street, and begin at 10 a.m.

Bob Cashell – Mayor Pierre Hascheff – At Large hascheff@cityofreno.comDan Gustin – Ward 1

Sharon Zadra – Ward 2

Jessica Sferrazza – Ward 3 Dwight Dortch – Ward 4

David Aiazzi – Ward 5

For more information on Agenda Item (page 6, Item J9) and Staff Report (page 532-534) can be found at:

*At the last public stakeholders meeting, the majority present felt the initial seed money should be allocated towards the acquisition of new open space or a trails project instead of the money going into maintenance (including weed and litter control, clear zone fire control, etc.). Although maintenance was voiced as a very important component, such as fixing/repairing the Truckee River Bike Path, alternate means and funds should be pursued for a maintenance budget in the future.


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