New Trail on Peavine!

Originally uploaded by i am indisposed

Here it is. The Evan’s Keystone Connector. It’s going to be long and nice. Finally an all dirt loop!

They’re using a Sweco 450 (or something) and cutting it in. He got most of the first pass done yesterday and will smooth it out over the rest of the week. The trial is nice and windy with some cool sidehills and climbing turns and an nifty little S-turn through some rocks.

Also on the docket is to push the singletrack all the way to the Keystone West Trailhead with a couple of switchbacks to get it out of the canyon and over.

We’re going to be finishing it off on October 6th and we need your help!

Contact or post a comment here if you have any questions.




3 Responses

  1. I checked it out today, Sweet! at least its gonna be!

  2. Word in the hills is that there will be pancakes and bacon on the 6th and 7th. If this is true, you might have some people from down south join you!

  3. That be the truuuuuth me hearties!!! Ok, Talk Like a Pirate day is over, but the spirit moved me…


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