Reno Greenways & Open Space goes to City Council Aug 29

The City of Reno Staff is going to recommend to council to approve the implementation of the City of Reno’s Open Space and Greenways plan by:

1) hiring a full time staff person to head up the City of Reno’s Open Space Plan

2) allocate $200k for initial seeding money for the program (but not for any maintenance)

3) that future funds go towards maintenance of trails/paths, acquisition of open space, open space projects and seed or matching $ for grants.

IF you are in favor of these actions you can voice your support at the meeting, or send an email to the council and local representative.

Will post contact numbers soon – Dale Beesmer

—–Original Message—–

From: Veronica Hee-Garcia []

Dear Open Space and Greenways Plan Stakeholders,

This notice is being sent to you on behalf of Terry Zeller, City of Reno Park Development Planner. Terry’s contact number is (775) 334-2528.

The staff report and presentation to the City Council on recommendations from the July 26, 2007 Open Space & Greenways Stakeholders Meeting is scheduled for the August 29th Council meeting. The August 29th agenda will be posted on August 22, 2007.

Please go to

Events Calendar, for this item’s order in the agenda.

Thank you.


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