City Of Reno Open Space Update

Last Thursday eveining (July 26) there was an input meeting and update on the City of Reno’s Greenways and Open Space Plan.  The city staff has proposed the following for implementaion for council approval.

 1) a full time staff person to be hired in the coming months to head up the City of Reno’s Open Space Plan

2) $200k allocated for initial seeding money for the program

3) the money may go towards maintenance of trails/paths, acquisition of open space, open space projects and seed or matching $ for grants.

City staff was there to see if there was a consensus on how to spend or allocate the initial funding.  Their were as many ideas and proposals as persons, but one consensus eventually surfaced. The intial money should NOT go to the mainteenace of existing trails but for something that will be new and tangible (ie a purchase of property, a new trail, etc.).

It was stressed that trail maintence is a very important component to the open space plan and should be included in future budgets of the G.O.S. Plan. 

If approved, this person will be coordinating trail and open space projects between the cities, county, USFS, BLM, private and volunteer groups.  As well as looking for money, grants and matches for these projects.

The City staff will be presenting the above recommendation for approval to the City Council in the near future.

It would be appropriate at the time to send and email or speak at council in favor and support of these recommendations to get the GOS Plan up and going.

 Will let know when this meeting is scheduled and how you can give input  – Dale


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