Keepin’ Singletrack Single

Carl Adams of The Dust Devils M/C says “Keep Singletrack Single!”

On Saturday May 26 Dale and I met up with The Dust Devils M/C and Larry Anderson USFS OHV Ranger up on the singletrack known as The Peavine Pines. The Pines is a network of singletrack that is officially open to motorcycles by the USFS Peavine Mountain Travel Management Plan. We accomplished alot:

  • closed about 0.2 miles of braided trails
  • closed and restored an unauthorized wet area and cleared an authorized dry crossing
  • re routed a section of trail away from a wet area
  • re-aligned a non sustainable section of trail an closed about 0.2 miles of un authorized trail
  • posted about 36 route markers

We learned that many moto riders are after an experience very similar to mountain bikers they prefer singletrack that is narrow (24″ or less) and flows from turn to turn. Just like a mountain bike trail the main concern is keeping the users on the trail and water off. We look forward to partnering with Carl and the USFS in the future. -Randy


3 Responses

  1. That’s awesome! I’m glad we’re/you are working with other groups. Definitely a good thing.

    Are they able to ride them so they don’t get torn up? Are they sandy?


  2. “skid in your shorts not the trail” applies to them too. It is not a matter of whether they are able to ride trails with out tearing them up it is if they will… sloppy technique when you have 14″ of travel 50hp and massive disk brakes is going to have the potential to tear shit up. Hats of to Carl and The Dust Devils are doing what they can to make the sport as sustainable as possible.


  3. Was down near mammoth MemDay Weekend and noticed that with those huge knobs and the mass of a moto they stamp a good track just rolling. But down there they have a pretty good trail system. I haven’t seen much of it, but it they can keep riders ON the trail then it’s no problem to have separate trails. We can’t really ride theirs so hopefully they’ll steer clear of ours.


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