Thursday June 28
5:45 pm

Directions to trailhead:
from US 395, take Mt Rose Hwy (S.R. 341) west to Joy Lake Road, turn left
go approximately one mile on Joy Lake Road, go past Green Ash Road (approx.
1/3 mi.), to a parking area on the left(look for the red Toyota trucks).

Bring water, gloves, suncreeen. Tools provided and instruction.

Hope you can join us, this trail is really in a spectacular setting.


Open Space Plan

Check out this post on


 From our friend Localcrew:

Being on a bike and being in the wilderness are two complementary experiences that have been inappropriately pitted against each other in an increasingly politicized argument.  When I want to free myself of the politics that affect so much of our daily lives, I hop on my bike or I head to the wilderness. So now, while I still can, I’m doing both.

Read more on The Cleanest Line.


Where is Peavine?

A new friend and newcomer to Reno just asked me, “Where is Peavine?”

The Bacon Strip

Peavine Mountain Nevada is the big hill north of Reno. It’s cornered by McCarran and North Virginia Streets. Dog Valley road loops around to the north, but it’s dirt. It’s our backyard, our playground, and for the better part of the summer it’s the stage that shows the sunset every evening. You can’t miss and you shouldn’t.

I’m going to show him around our trails today after work. Softball fields @ 5:45. Join us for a spin.


Rock Solid!

The Poedunks teamed up with The Tahoe Rim Trail on Saturday June 9th to build the Brown’s Crk Trail. We are about 90% complete on our job and will be returning on Thursday evening June 14th to put the finishing touches on our work. Please join us!


Steve and Clay prepare to set a large boulder in a crib wall.


Clay begins filling the the downhill leg of the switchback. Steve has more photos on the dhreno site HERE

Brown’s Crk Trail Construction June 7th and 9th

The Poedunk’s are partnering with the Tahoe Rim Trail Association (TRTA) and Washoe County to build The Brown’s Crk Trail and your help is needed. June 4; Poeville, NV

We will be constructing a Rolling Crown Switchback and a couple of Climbing Turns. This is an ambitious project requiring advanced design/construction skills and lots of muscle. Don’t be intimidated Dale and I have already finished the design and layout and we will be there to lead the project. We will need at least 10 hardy volunteers to complete this project.

Our plan is to tackle this project in 2 phases

  1. Thursday June 7th 5:45 PM – we will meet Kristine Bunnel from Washoe County and move rocks for the crib wall and prep the site for construction.
  2. Saturday June 9th 8:30 AM – we will participate in the Tahoe Rim Trail Event and complete construction of the turns. If you are interested in working on Sat. please register at the TRTA website this event is Work Party #7 this is important because St. James Village is buying lunch and they need to know how many to order.

We will meet at the Washoe County Trail Head on Joy Lake Rd. Please come prepared with long pants, gloves, boots, food and plenty of water all tools will be provided by The Poedunks.

Directions to the trail head from US 395:

  • Take Mt. Rose Hgwy (SR 431) West to Joy Lake Rd.
  • Turn Left on Joy Lake Rd. travel about a mile on Joy Lake Rd.
  • Just past Green Ash Rd. you will see a large gravel parking area on the left
  • Look for the red Toyota truck(s)

For engineer types, trail geeks or those curious about how, what and why we are building a Rolling Crown Switchback (RCS) please check out the following IMBA articles: Rolling Crown Switchbacks:Routing Trails on Steeper Grades, and Rolling crown Switchback Baiscs, RCS Engineering Detail

If you have any questions please call Randy @ 830-3690 or add a comment to the blog.

See ya -Randy

Keepin’ Singletrack Single

Carl Adams of The Dust Devils M/C says “Keep Singletrack Single!”

On Saturday May 26 Dale and I met up with The Dust Devils M/C and Larry Anderson USFS OHV Ranger up on the singletrack known as The Peavine Pines. The Pines is a network of singletrack that is officially open to motorcycles by the USFS Peavine Mountain Travel Management Plan. We accomplished alot:

  • closed about 0.2 miles of braided trails
  • closed and restored an unauthorized wet area and cleared an authorized dry crossing
  • re routed a section of trail away from a wet area
  • re-aligned a non sustainable section of trail an closed about 0.2 miles of un authorized trail
  • posted about 36 route markers

We learned that many moto riders are after an experience very similar to mountain bikers they prefer singletrack that is narrow (24″ or less) and flows from turn to turn. Just like a mountain bike trail the main concern is keeping the users on the trail and water off. We look forward to partnering with Carl and the USFS in the future. -Randy