Don’t Mess With Peavine!

P-Quad #1 a success!
Saturday May 12, 2007 Poeville, NV:

In support of the Great Truckee Meadows Community Cleanup The Poedunks hauled some major trash off the trails of Peavine Mountain.

Dale cooking good old american bacon (product of Canada)

Fueled by pancakes, bacon and black coffee 15 – 20 mountain bikers set out to scrub the mountain’s singletrack and non-motorized zone of litter. Utilizing people power not horsepower several of the crew overloaded their bikes, trailers and packs with everything from auto parts…

Randy sporting new fenders…

…to shotgun shells hauling several yards of trash to the dumpsters at The West Keystone Canyon Trail Head. A big SHOUT goes out to all who contributed their time and energy!

Hauling it in

We cleaned up the shooting gallery along the “tad-dunbar-can’t-see-his-feet” trail, fenders and debris near the top of the Evan’s creek switchbacks, wood from the start of the Entrail, the RGJ newspaper vendor south of Hoge. Several of these areas were in the Non-Motorized zone and we removed all of the material by bike having fun, improving our resource and proving that bikes are an extremely useful tool for trail maintenance.


There were about 20 people @ Breakfast, all around a good turnout. Thanks to: Paul G, Nate S, Mick D, Caylin, Stan, Dale B, Randy M, Dick B, Amanda McD, Mark McD, Lee T, Sean M, Brian, Quinn, Atlantis, Lucy, Wayne, Mike H, Trail Monsters: Rudy, Oso, Toolie (Juni was getting her lip waxed…)

What a nice place to have breakfast!

View our gallery by clicking on any of the photos here. Post a link to your pics in the comments forum.

the shooting gallery

stay tuned for future events. And consider, if you will, the following: Poeville Weenie Roast…

-Randy & Mike


5 Responses

  1. Awesome! Nice work guys! Sorry to flake out but kayaking called. All day I kept catching whiffs of bacon on the breeze. Must’ve been my guilt for not being there.

  2. Very cool! Exactly how much bacon is left over?

  3. Exactly 2 pounds (english). You can have another crack at it (as well as the butter and Mrs. Butterworth’s) on Friday.


  4. […] Monthly Challenge: June This is the last day of May and the last day of the Bike to Work Month Challenge. Mr. Rambler, whom I met for Pints of Guinness the other day at Ceol (my favorite new bar with it’s no smoking, no gaming and friendly owner, Ron) rode over 500 miles on his cross town commute. I rode significantly less than that, but did ride every day and onlybought groceries once by bike and that was for P-Quad. […]

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